Dry Body Brushing

Dry Body Brushing directions

Maria Favela

7/15/20222 min read

Dry Body brushing

Why do we want to do dry body brushing? Well, it has been around for centuries, used around the world. Dry brushing is highly regarded in the health community because it is said to stimulate the lymphatic system, which controls the body's disposal of waste and toxins. Therefore, you feel "cleaner" the more you brush. Because it stimulates circulation, which encourages the flow of oxygen-rich blood, it's also a terrific way to build energy. To support your body in waking up in the morning, it is advised to perform some easy stretches while you dry brush.

To do dry body brushing properly you will need the following items:

Select a brush or two of your choosing. There are a variety of options (including vegan options). Small brushes for facial brushing or a brush with a handle for hard-to-reach areas and various levels of roughness for exfoliation of the skin. Wash once a week with mild soap and water or you can use hydrogen peroxide with water and let dry bristles down

You will need to use oil on your body after you shower. To the right is a list of essential oils you can add to your oil. Most popular are coconut or Jojoba oil, but you can use any oil of your preference just make sure it is free of chemicals.

FYI: Grapefruit is said to help with cellulite

How to brush:

Many will say to brush in the direction of your heart and while that is partially true you want to brush towards the point of your lymphatic drainage points. Aim for 7-14 brush strokes for all areas, but to start with what you can and build toward target strokes.

  • Start at the soles of your feet and work your way up toward your stomach. Long strokes are key. Pressure is up to you and what you can tolerate.

  • At the top of your thigh, you brush inward towards your genitals and from the belly button down again towards your genital area (do not brush your genitals).

  • Brush hands held at heart level or above and long strokes towards the armpit.

  • Brush shoulders and back inward and into the armpit.

  • Stomach brushing will start at the belly button and up towards the chest. You can also brush clockwise around the belly button and slowly make bigger circles to cover the entire area

Contrary to popular belief you should brush in the direction of the lymphatic drainage (not up).

  • Start at one side of the forehead and brush toward the temple and down.

  • Under the eye, start at the side of the nose and brush under-eye and down toward under the ear.

  • The mouth and chin should follow this path, but the chin should be brushed downward and out towards the side of the neck.

Keep in mind: This will stimulate your nervous system so brushing at night may cause disturbance in falling asleep. If so, change from brushing at night to brushing in the morning or midday before a shower.